Ghazal Workshop

The shine of a jewel strung onto a necklace. The cry of the gazelle as it's cornered in a hunt. The lover's address to his unattainable beloved. This JCW workshop provides an introduction to the themes and structural requirements of the ghazal, a poetic form that is centuries older than the sonnet yet still widely practiced today.

We will explore how meter, rhyme, refrain, and emotion can transform a string of independent couplets into a unified whole. Participants will write ghazals both alone and in pairs or small groups. No prior experience is necessary, but please come prepared with an experimental and collaborative spirit.

I hosted a ghazal workshop for Jersey Plums, the poetry critique subgroup of Jersey City Writers, on March 25, 2017.

The handout and exercise I prepared for the workshop are available on GitHub for anyone who would like to use them on their own or with a small writing group.