Jen Borkowski

poet // programmer // person

Hey, I'm Jen. I'm interested in literature, social science, public policy, computing, and other things both nerdy and humane. You can find me mostly lurking quietly as @jenmaicha on Twitter.


Ghazal Workshop
A workshop I ran for Jersey City Writers in March 2017.

Twenty Love Poems
My very own, completely illegitimate translation of Pablo Neruda's Veinte poemas de amor y una canciĆ³n desesperada.

Fun-A-Day 2012
I worked on a translation every day during the month of January!

Haiku Wednesday
I used to do this thing called Haiku Wednesday. It involved writing haiku. On Wednesdays.

Sketchbook for Words
A collection of vignettes, haiku, and other fragments.


Blood Sugar Xor Magik
On swapping variables in place.

Recommended Reading
Worthwhile things from around the web. Latest addition: a thought-provoking essay by Matthew Butterick on typography and ethics.