Jen Borkowski // Writer. Editor. Data nerd.

Hi. I'm Jen. I'm interested in literature, social science, public policy, resource use, design ethics, and other things both nerdy and humane. You can find me mostly lurking quietly as @jenmaicha on Twitter.


I will be hosting a ghazal workshop for Jersey City Writers on Saturday, March 25!


Twenty Love Poems
This work-in-progress is a (completely illegitimate) translation of Pablo Neruda's Veinte poemas de amor y una canciĆ³n desesperada.

Fun-A-Day 2012
I worked on a translation every day during the month of January!

Haiku Wednesday
I used to do this thing called Haiku Wednesday. It involved writing haiku. On Wednesdays.

Sketchbook for Words
A collection of vignettes, haiku, and other fragments.


The Unknown Knowns
Learning about functional programming helps me understand D3.js better.

Blood Sugar Xor Magik
On swapping variables in place.

Recommended Reading
Worthwhile things I've read from around the web. Latest addition: a thought-provoking essay by Matthew Butterick on typography and ethics.